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2023 Marketing Communications Awards

Class of CPSMs

The following individuals met the requirements for certification, successfully completed the exam, and earned the professional designation CPSM (Certified Professional Services Marketer) between May 2022 and May 2023.
Andrea de Vries, CPSM Nichole D. Petersen, CPSM LeAnn Briggs, CPSM Kendra Mulhern, CPSM Nicole Smith, CPSM Annabelle H. Macalister, CPSM Bree Carey, CPSM Jennifer D. Moore MBA, CPSM Monica L. Vaughan, CPSM Kristie Norris, CPSM Katelyn J. Birge, CPSM Whitney L. White, CPSM Laura Walston, CPSM Erin E. Ongena, CPSM Steve Campbell, CPSM Courtney G. Murchison, CPSM Abby Goetz, CPSM Tara M. Nicoletti, CPSM Andre M. Morand, CPSM Brittany K. Henton, CPSM Alberto Flores Franco, CPSM Tara D. Lowry, CPSM Andi Uderjohn, CPSM Brianna Ciletti, CPSM Kimberly Roze Sterle, CPSM Addison Mayhew, CPSM Kimberly A. Graham, CPSM Tracy Tefft, CPSM Laura Okell, CPSM Dawn Bardone, CPSM Theresa C Palid, CPSM Kaitlyn Fox, CPSM Callie A. Morris, CPSM Anne E. Walker, CPSM Hollie O'Connor, CPSM Samantha B. Malott Brown, CPSM Leslie A. Panfil, CPSM Jamie Weaver, CPSM Kathryn T. Calder, CPSM Lori Epling, CPSM
Christina K Shaw, CPSM Douglas J. Rentz, CPSM Krissa Szmyd, CPSM Amy Beightol, CPSM Alexandra S. Brown, CPSM Nicollette Cardwell, CPSM Helen L. Fallon, CPSM
Patricia A. Bryant, CPSM Courtney R. Johnson, CPSM Michelle Smith, CPSM
Mackenzie R. Doty, CPSM Jennifer E. Hanson, CPSM Brandi M. Johnson, CPSM Eliot P. Dolgin, CPSM Brian S Donnan, CPSM Jason Mills, CPSM Molly Sedlacek, CPSM Robyn Minella, CPSM Christina M. Leahy, CPSM Kaley Wright, CPSM Trevor Hensley, CPSM Melissa Corey LEED AP, CPSM Katie Weber, CPSM Elaine A. Collins, CPSM Travis Niemi, CPSM Laura (Lou) Reynoldson, CPSM Amber Larson, CPSM Amy A. Feathers CAP-OM, CPSM Tracy K. Fukuda, CPSM Angela Cook, CPSM Ben Llanes, CPSM Amanda Sanderson, CPSM Isaac Renteria, CPSM Katie R. Bevan, CPSM Nicholas W Tahran, CPSM Rikki Leigh Williamson, CPSM Shelley Hyland, CPSM Elaine A. Moal, CPSM Jeffrey Penman, CPSM Miles McDonald, CPSM Erin McNamara EDAC, CPSM Sarah Pegram, CPSM Emily J Ludington, CPSM April J. Smith, CPSM Anne M. Emerick, CPSM Nicole L. Rihtarchik, CPSM Michael Serdinak, CPSM Katherine Broom, CPSM Lori Packwood, CPSM Patrick Keller, CPSM Rebecca L Custer, CPSM Cheryl Lam, CPSM Nikole Pastore, CPSM
Dana Green, CPSM Tisha A. Renner-Cruz, CPSM Tara D. Harris, CPSM Brittany Harlow Notary Public, CPSM Sierra L. Segrest, CPSM Amanda Stephens, CPSM
Kayleigh Hasshaw, CPSM
Ann C. Trobough, CPSM Adina Fisher, CPSM Nicole M. Owens, CPSM Lizbeth E. Melendez-Perez, CPSM D'Juana Beason, CPSM Andrea Sobocinski, CPSM Diane Goschler EIT, CPSM Lauren Marshall, CPSM Corey Marshall, CPSM Peggy E. Paulsen, CPSM Julia DeFrances, CPSM Julie Webb, CPSM Jim P. Foust, CPSM Holly D. Bushner, CPSM Eve M. Marsh, CPSM Amber H. Arthur, CPSM Kyle C. Patterson PE, CPSM Ashley M. Pearston, CPSM Susan G. Kleinman, CPSM Shannon Kinsey, CPSM Danielle N. Kerkes, CPSM KJ R. Rodgers, CPSM Maggie Thornton, CPSM Jennifer D. Hubbard, CPSM Tami J. Fuller, CPSM Dylan DeZeeuw, CPSM Faith Ragan CF APMP, CPSM Katie M. Batill-Bigler, CPSM Brooke Beckner, CPSM Rachel Stevens, CPSM Adrienne Ruebusch, CPSM Akimi Shigematsu, CPSM Brian M. Hanson, CPSM Michelle Whitesell, CPSM Laci L. Budd, CPSM Casey Zweifel, CPSM Ellie M. Kasparie, CPSM Greg K. Clark, CPSM Kristen A. Taylor, CPSM Allison K. Quinly, CPSM Emiliy Marino, CPSM Holly Larabee, CPSM Kellie S. Goddard, CPSM Allison S. Turner, CPSM Lisa M. Limerick, CPSM Sheri Cain, CPSM Brittany L. Hoff, CPSM Katy Ruzicka, CPSM Megan E. Bergstrom, CPSM
A Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM) must meet rigorous standards of experience and knowledge in professional services marketing, pass a certification exam, and embrace the CPSM Code of Ethics.
The certification exam, the key element in the program, is based on a practice analysis study of professional services marketing and business development, commissioned by SMPS. The exam tests knowledge in six core competency areas called the Domains of Practice that address marketing research, marketing planning, client and business development, proposals, promotional activity, and management.
Once candidates have earned the CPSM designation, they must maintain their certification status through continuing education. A minimum of 50 continuing education units from approved SMPS providers is required every three years for recertification. For more information on the Certified Professional Services Marketer program, email or visit
The Marketing Communications Awards Jurors
The Marketing Communications Awards’ entries were judged entirely online by a distinguished panel of 156 jurors. Juror selection was based on years of experience in marketing, communications, and the A/E/C industries. All jurors are SMPS members that are Fellows of the Society or Certified Professional Services Marketers (CPSMs). SMPS thanks the following jurors for their service.
Elizabeth Aceto, CPSM Jennifer Acevedo Lance Allison Kelsey Alsheimer Eric Anderson, AICP, CPSM Julee Attig, CPSM Michelle Bailey Daniel Banko Jennifer Barker, CPSM Mindy Barnowski, CPSM, CF APMP Shawn M. Barron, CPSM Chrissy Batalis Christina Beaird, CPSM, LEED Green Associate Andrew Beaton Julie Beezley Lucas J. Benedict, LG, PG Leslie Blaize, CPSM Jennifer Bradshaw Reagan Branham, CPSM Alexandra Brown Emily Browning Shannon Brush, CPSM Michael T. Buell, FSMPS, CPSM Lisa Bui Lori Burbridge, CPSM Amber Burke Kathryn Butare Donald Butchko, CPSM Susan Byrd Nikki Campbell, CPSM Tiffany Cartwright, CPSM Kim Castillo, CSM Callijah Chadwick Tyler Chartier Jaime Clark Melanie Cochrun, CPSM Lesley Cocores Amanda Cole, CPSM Amy Collins, FSMPS, CPSM Pamela Conine, CPSM Peggy Cook Sara Cooper Krista Corkos Esmeralda Cortez Christine Coutts Heather Cox, CPSM Emily E Cox Brent Crum, CPSM CM Culbertson, CPSM Andrew Cushman, MBA Jennifer Danforth, CPSM Jessica Davila, CPSM Patricia DeBeck, CPSM, CAPM Keri DeTore Nina Deuterio Greg Devine Lindsay A Diven, CPSM Amanda D'Luhy, CPSM Lucy Dolinsky Becca Dowell, CPSM Glen Duncan, APR - Acredited in Public Relations Melissa AJ Dysart Megan Eby, CPSM Jillian Elswick Christopher Esker Jill Davis, CPSM, LEED GA Helen L. Fallon Amy A. Feathers, CAP-OM Carolyn Ferguson Lisa Fingar, CPSM Amalia Flatley Larisa J Forester, CPSM, Associate AIA Alethia Fowler, CPSM iLana Fowler, CPSM Emily M Frock, CPSM Ryan Konst, CPSM, P.E. Alexandra I Garner Tonya Giebel, CPSM, PBD Debbie Gilbert, CPSM Sue Gillespie, CF APMP Jessica Gillette, CPSM Taylor Giogaia Georgia M Glass
Sarah Godward, MSTPC Angie Goings Lauren Gomes
Lisa Gonzalez
Katie Gorman, LL.M Ami Goudie, CPSM Crystal Graffio Harmony Gratzer, CPSM Josh Grenzsund, CPSM Erin Grodem Lori Grubbs, CPSM Alexis Guerra Hillary Hanson Geof Harral Ashley Hartman Julie Haun Kathleen Held, CPSM Karina Henderson Kati Hess Barbara Hicks, CPSM Katherine Hill Emma Hoeiris-Andersen Sarah Hoff Ashley Horn Edward Hosek III Maura Howard Katie Howland Sallyann Hulick Julie Huval, FSMPS, CPSM Angela Innes Alison Iven Karen Izzard Donna Jakubowicz, FSMPS, CPSM Alexis James, MBA Rachel John Skylar Jones Megan Keenan Eric Keens, CPSM Maggie Keirns Ginger Kelly Lisa Keohokalole Schauer, CPSM Pete Kienle, FSMPS. CPSM, MBA Christine King, FSMPS, CPSM Tara Kirkland Liz Kupcha Faith Lake Annie Langlois Christina Marie Leahy Matt Leotta Sarah Lero Anai Limber Ivoire Lloyd, CF APMP Michelle Long Anna Luciano, CPSM Melissa Lutz, FSMPS, CPSM Sandra March Emiliy Marino, CPSM Carolina Marquez Lisa B Martin, LEED AP BD+C Aaron Mason, PCM Crystal Mathis Barnard Addison Mayhew Cheryl Maze, CPSM Michael T McCann, FSMPS, CPSM Kayla McCause, CPSM Stacey S. McChord, CPSM Carla McCord Lorna McGhee Cheryl McIntosh Chrissy McNamara, CPSM Susannah Medley, CPSM, CPSM Lizbeth E. Melendez, CPSM Susan Merrigan, FSMPS, FSAME, CPSM, LEED Green Associate Brandie Metcalf Emily Moline Meyer, CPSM Troy Meyer Alex Mielke Kelli Minatta Don Minner, CPSM Jessica Moore Kelly Morrison Mary Jo Mrochinski Jennifer L. Murray, MA, MAAS, MBA, DSL Jennifer Nietz Jennifer Nix McGerald, CPSM
Mary Noonan Shaunagh O'Connor, CPSM Michele Ode Kevin Opp Marie O'Quinn, CPSM
Gabriel Oria Cate O'Toole Nicole Owens, CPSM Natalie Pagano, CPSM Melanie Pliskin, CPSM Mike Plotnick Rachel Pratt Allison Pretzer Amanda Prevendar Valerie K Puchades, CPSM Amanda Rackow, CPSM Lisa Radigonda, Assoc. DBIA Chuck Raymond, CPSM Isaac Renteria, CPSM Kelsey Restrepo Nathan Reyna Laura (Lou) Reynoldson Tricia Richards Grace Richardson Danielle Ridgeway Lillian Ristau Cricket Robertson, FSMPS, CPSM Aydee Rodriguez Pamela Roebel Jana Rubin, CPSM Meagan Rushing Paula Ryan, FSMPS, CPSM Carmen Ryan, CPSM Jaclyn Saffa Maria Salvatierra Jessica Sandy Stacey Schexnayder Lisa Schiele Melissa Schmetzer, CPSM Megan Scott, FSMPS, CPSM Amanda Sebesta Terra Sedillo Ashley N. Shaw Barbara Shuck, FSMPS, CPSM Bernie Siben, CPSM Donald Silwick Jill Sims Kelsey Skager Kristin Sloane, CPSM Joey Sminchak Michelle Smith Nicole Smith Andrea Sobocinski, CPSM, MBA Chris Sopko, Six Sigma Kim Sousa Beth Srinivasan, CPSM Rebecca Starer, CPSM Koren, CPSM Keegan Stein Rachel Stevens, CPSM Stacy Stout, FSMPS, CPSM Shiloh Swanson, FSMPS, CPSM Marisa Swanson, CPSM, CPSM Leigha Taber Katy Tassmer Holly Taubman Julie D. Taylor, Hon. AIA Lisa Thoele Dugan, CPSM, F.SAME, LEED AP Ellen Thompson April Tibbles Amber Timmermeyer, CPSM Amanda Tower, MBA Elizabeth Tuico Jennifer Meus Tulipani Kevin Turner Melissa Vail Dorothy J. Verdon, CPSM Jennifer Weaver, CPSM Patty Weaver, CPSM, CPSM Brigette Welton, CPSM goal in2024 Carole Wenell, CPSM Jessica Werkowitz Amanda Wiegman Jameka Williams Corryn Williams amber wills Brianna Wooten Callie Worthy Kimberly Wybenga, CPSM Kristen Yanchoris M. Sharyn Yorio, FSMPS, CPSM Laura Young