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SMPS Headquarters
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Suite 302 Alexandria, VA 22314-1936
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By Nandi Rice, MA


A Journey of Growth and Evolution
For 45 years, SMPS has hosted annual conferences that provide prime opportunities for networking, learning, and celebrating achievements. As SMPS prepares to host Amplify A|E|C this July in Salt Lake City, UT, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the evolution of these gatherings and the impact they have on A/E/C growth professionals.

Since its inception, SMPS has offered professional growth and networking events to its members. Our annual conference, Amplify A|E|C, is the cornerstone of these events, offering the greatest opportunity for professionals to gather, share insights, and collaborate on best practices.
The first SMPS annual meeting was held in Las Vegas, NV, but the locations have since spanned the country. Meeting places included such bustling cities as New York and Los Angeles, to vibrant cultural hubs, like Chicago and New Orleans. Hosting the conference in a different city each year not only provides attendees with unique experiences but serves to showcase the diversity, importance, and reach of the A/E/C industries.
As the A/E/C industries have evolved, so has the SMPS annual conference. What began as simply the SMPS Annual Meeting became the SMPS Marketing Conference, then Build Business, and, now, Amplify A|E|C. Our initial small meeting of SMPS members and industry professionals in a hotel meeting room now boasts an impressive lineup of keynote speakers, breakout sessions, workshops, and networking events. All of this is carefully curated to educate and empower attendees to thrive in a rapidly changing profession.
SMPS Annual Conference Through The Years
In addition to significant growth over the last four decades, we must highlight the importance of the SMPS conference evolution and ability to embrace innovation and technology. A key pillar of our education program is technology, with a specific focus on the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the A/E/C space. AI will be a topic of breakout sessions and a main-stage presentation at Amplify A|E|C this year.

Further, Amplify A|E|C is placing greater emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion compared to previous years. Recognizing the importance of representing all voices within the industries, SMPS has made strides to ensure that conference programming reflects the diversity of presenters, thought, perspectives, and experiences that make our community, firms, and industries strong.
As SMPS prepares to celebrate its 45th annual conference, it does so with a sense of pride and gratitude for the journey that has brought us here today. From small beginnings to a nationwide gathering of industry leaders, the conference is a testament to the passion and dedication of the Society. We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of excellence and innovation, ensuring that the SMPS annual conference continues to connect, empower, educate, and inspire professionals for years to come.
Nandi Rice, MA is the Vice President of Marketing for SMPS HQ where she is responsible for driving business growth through innovative marketing strategies. With experience in both associations and corporate environments, Nandi has honed her expertise in content creation, strategy, and brand management. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creative approach to business planning have contributed to her success in launching new programs and offerings for the Society.
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