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Amplify A|E|C 2024

Meet The Team Behind the Scenes


2024 conference Committee

Join me in a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the powerhouses behind Amplify A|E|C 2024! As the Chief of Strategy, I’m excited to introduce you to the dynamic planning committee driving this year’s conference.
These minds crafted an unparalleled experience for A/E/C professionals, blending innovation, education, and networking in one remarkable event. Let’s dive into the heart of Amplify A|E|C and discover the vision that fuels our passion for industry excellence.
Conference Chair
Sarah Hoff
Vice President, Client Strategy STO Building Group
As conference chair, what piece of advice would you give to next year’s conference chair?
Take time to reflect on what you’re learning from our membership, and what you’re contributing to the future of our industry. It’s hard sometimes in the day-to-day to fully realize the impact you’re making.

As conference chair, what did you learn from your committee leadership role that you can take back to your job or firm?
The power of listening. As BD professionals and marketers, we often talk about the need to understand value as it’s defined by our audience, not by what we say it is. Our committee provided multiple avenues to solicit feedback from the A/E/C community – through surveys, speaker submission evaluations, and the ability to submit general topic ideas. All of this, combined with the diverse roles our committee members hold within our firms, created ample opportunity to assess our educational program and conference experience. The cycle of continuous feedback blended with value evaluation is something I can certainly bring to our client engagements.
Sarah is a Vice President of Client Strategy for STO Building Group. STO Building Group is a family of construction companies committed to setting the highest standards of excellence in everything they do.
She is passionate about building sincere, authentic relationships, and coaching others on the importance of understanding the client experience, conveying value, and planning for the future.
A recognized business and marketing expert, Sarah has been invited to speak on a variety of topics ranging from Client Care Programs to Scenario Planning.
Sarah does not believe we can truly innovate as an industry without diversity of ideas, and that equity and inclusion is a moral imperative.
Incoming Conference Chair
Courtney Van Ostran, FSMPS, CPSM
Associate Director of Marketing & Business Development, Tec Inc. Engineering & Design
What sets Amplify A|E|C apart from other networking and learning opportunities?
Amplify A|E|C is the only industry event that brings together marketing and business development professionals from across the US and Canada. This means you will have the opportunity to speak with a distinct network of peers who can offer insights, advice, and experience that you will not find at any other industry conference.
The learning opportunities offered are provided by professionals in your field of practice. They have been vetted by SMPS members, to offer unique content that hasn’t been available at the regional and chapter events. The content is procured through a thorough process of application and based on feedback from past attendees, SMPS members, and a team of committee volunteers who bring together diverse perspectives and resources. No other conference in the A|E|C industry has the same content process specifically designed for our profession.
Courtney Van Ostran is a seasoned professional in the A/E/C industry, known for her strategic vision and dynamic leadership. With over two decades of experience in marketing and business development for A/E/C, Courtney leads the marketing and business development efforts for Tec Inc. Engineering & Design and is Co-Owner of Zinkon Creative Studio.
As a Fellow of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (FSMPS) and a Certified Professional Services Marketer (CPSM), Courtney shares her deep understanding of marketing and business development and has advanced marketing acumen and elevated industry standards in the organizations she’s worked with.
Courtney credits her career progression to the knowledge and insights she gained from SMPS and her network within it. Her experiences in SMPS solidified her commitment to the Society and her passion for mentoring others and creating impactful partnerships within the A/E/C community. Her active involvement on non-profit association boards has resulted in successful initiatives, particularly in the realm of mentorship, advocacy, and growth of marketing leadership.
Her contributions and active involvement in various capacities, including the Marketing Communications Awards, Heartland Regional Conference, and Content Co-Chair for Amplify A|E|C, underscore her dedication to empowering the next generation of A/E/C professionals.
Program Lead
GinaRenee Autrey
Director of Marketing & Communications, Kleinschmidt
If someone has never attended Amplify A|E|C, what are some highlights of the experience? What can they expect?
If you’ve never experienced Amplify A|E|C, prepare to be thoroughly impressed. This gathering is more than just a conference; it’s an experience that combines professional development, community building, recognition, and celebration into one remarkable conference. The educational sessions will not only inspire and motivate, but enhance your skill set. No matter what level you are at in your career, there is something for everyone.
Beyond the knowledge and expertise, I feel it’s the sense of community that truly sets Amplify apart from other conferences. Connecting with other A/E/C marketers, exchanging ideas, and building lasting relationships/friendships is the heart of Amplify. And then, there are the MCAs – witnessing your colleagues receive recognition for their hard work and innovative ideas is nothing short of inspiring. It serves as a powerful motivation, a reminder of what we can achieve through creativity, dedication, and passion.
But Amplify A|E|C isn’t all work and no play. You can expect to have a great time - the planned events are always a blast. Plus, you can check out the host city, meet new people, and take a break from your normal busy schedules and routine. It truly is the best.
GinaRenee Autrey is a seasoned marketing maestro with over 24 years of curating and executing comprehensive marketing strategies to elevate business goals. Her approach is results-driven, creative, and ever-evolving, aligning with the rapid pace of the A/E/C marketing landscape. She’s honed a diverse set of skills over the years — from managing successful marketing initiatives and campaigns, to public relations and advertising, to implementing strategic projects that have fueled growth in targeted markets.
She had the privilege of serving as an Employee Representative on the Kleinschmidt Board of Directors for two years and currently serves in the role of Program Manager for the Kleinschmidt Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Council, a role that is purpose-driven and close to her heart.
GinaRenee is an active member of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), and the American Marketing Association (AMA). She began her public speaking journey on the stage at the SMPS SERC Conference last year. Since then, she’s had the pleasure of engaging audiences at numerous SMPS conferences and webinars, enriching her professional journey even further. She hopes to help other marketers through these engagements to realize their full potential and to view themselves as “technical experts” in their field.
Program Lead
Duncan Robertson, CPSM
Business Development and Marketing Manager, Tamarack Grove Engineering
How can a participant make the most of their conference experience?
To make the most of their conference experience at Amplify A|E|C 2024, participants should be ready to jump in head first. After attending two past Amplify A|E|C conferences, and knowing what’s coming up this year, it’s more important now than ever to plan your education sessions, get your outfits ready for networking nights, and reach out to your fellow A/E/C industry professionals ahead of the conference. It can feel overwhelming with how much is available to a participant at Amplify A|E|C, but if you prepare yourself ahead of time with the schedule of events you will have the best time. Whether it’s your first or 20th annual conference, I guarantee you will have a blast!
As Tamarack Grove’s first marketing and business development professional, Duncan looks at his role as an opportunity to advocate for the engineering industry and the people who dedicate their lives to designing and building the nation’s infrastructure. Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the TGE brand, he also works to represent the firm externally while building consensus internally.
Duncan was a critical member of the TGE team in developing the firm’s award-winning initiatives including the Adventure Bravely brand awareness campaign; Campfire Conversations video series featuring topical discussions with firm leadership; the Christmas by the Campfire Cookbook; and TGE’s external newsletter.
His contributions, experience, and acumen in the A/E/C industry have been significant in less than five years since joining Tamarack Grove. Instrumental in forming an SMPS chapter, Duncan served as the founding president of the newest SMPS chapter in Idaho from 2022-23. His other SMPS involvement includes experience judging entries for the M Awards at AmplifyAEC, assisting with the website for the Pacific Regional Conference, and presenting at the AmplifyAEC conference in 2022. He also serves as the PR chair for the ACE Mentor Program of Idaho, an organization he helped found that supports high school students as they explore careers in the A/E/C industry.
HQ Staff Program & Production Team
Marci D. Thompson, DES Interim Chief Executive Officer/CSO
Nandi Rice, MA Vice President, Marketing
Devin Stubbs Manager, Digital Marketing
Molly Dall’Erta Director, Member Recognition and Programs
Linda Smolkin Senior Manager, Marketing
Danielle Gray, MBA Director, Content and Knowledge Resources/ Amplify A/E/C Producer

We’re taking Amplify A|E|C to new heights in Salt Lake City, UT! The educational program will empower A/E/C professionals with business-critical skills to grow and advance their firms and the industries. Whether you’re a seasoned industry expert or just starting out, this conference is your chance to connect and learn.
Join us in SLC for Amplify a|e|c 2024