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How RJC Engineers Maximized ROI and Proposal Efficiency with OpenAsset
By Janelle Poisel, Director of Content, OpenAsset
RJC Engineers, a leading engineering consulting firm, has been at the forefront of the engineering industry for decades. With a strong reputation for delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, the company has always strived to leverage the latest technology to streamline its processes and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. In recent years, they identified an opportunity to improve their Return on Investment (ROI) by adopting OpenAsset, a comprehensive digital asset management platform. This success story explores how RJC Engineers harnessed OpenAsset to enhance their marketing efforts and proposal creation, ultimately boosting their ROI.

Challenges Faced by RJC Engineers

Before implementing OpenAsset, RJC Engineers encountered several challenges that were hindering their efficiency and impacting their ability to win more work.
Inefficient Data Management: RJC Engineers had an extensive library of project-related assets, including photographs, models, and documents, spread across thousands of project folders. This lack of centralized storage made it challenging to quickly locate and retrieve essential files for the marketing team.
Time-Consuming Manual Processes: The process of organizing, categorizing, and sharing project assets was primarily manual. This led to an increased workload for their marketing teams, resulting in delays and inefficiencies in various aspects of their operations.
Limited Visibility and Collaboration: With assets scattered across different locations, collaboration and visibility could have been improved. RJC Engineers faced difficulties in sharing critical project information with both internal and external stakeholders.
“Before OpenAsset, we wasted a lot of time searching for assets. We weren’t putting our best foot forward because we didn’t know if we were finding and sharing the right information.”
— Tanya Kennedy Flood, Corporate Marketing and Communications Leader, RJC Engineers
Difficulty in Showcasing Past Work: As an engineering firm with a strong portfolio, showcasing past projects was vital for winning new business. However, the process of assembling visual and informational materials for presentations and proposals was cumbersome.

Solution: Implementing OpenAsset

RJC Engineers recognized the need for a solution that would streamline their asset management, enhance collaboration, and make it easier to showcase their work. After careful research and evaluation, they decided to implement OpenAsset. Additionally, the team created goals going into implementation to determine the effectiveness of their new tool.
“We had goals like improving workflows, improving accessibility to digital assets, saving time, automating processes, and not having to deal with resizing image files.”
— Tanya Kennedy Flood, Corporate Marketing and Communications Leader, RJC Engineers

Benefits Realized After Implementation

Centralized Asset Management: OpenAsset provided RJC Engineers with a central repository for all their marketing-related assets. This allowed them to organize, store, and categorize documents, images, and other data in a structured and accessible manner.
Streamlined Project Management: With OpenAsset’s project-centric approach, RJC Engineers were able to link marketing assets to specific projects, making it easier to manage and retrieve relevant information. This streamlined their marketing efforts reducing the time and effort needed to access vital data.
Improved Collaboration: OpenAsset’s collaboration features allowed RJC Engineers to share marketing assets and information with team members, clients, and other stakeholders securely. This enhanced communication and collaboration, reducing the likelihood of misunderstandings and errors.
Efficient Marketing Efforts: OpenAsset’s integration with marketing tools made it easier for RJC Engineers to create compelling marketing materials and presentations. They could quickly pull project data and visuals, streamlining their marketing efforts.

Key Achievements

The teams at RJC Engineers met and exceeded their goals post-implementation.
“Looking back, we achieved our goals and we’ve even done things that we didn’t realize we would be able to do. We were able to get better-quality data, put together better proposals, and keep them up to date. We also started using plugins like InDesign, but it also works with Word, where you’re easily linking assets and the write-ups from Open Asset directly into the templates in your proposal.”
— Tanya Kennedy Flood, Corporate Marketing and Communications Leader, RJC Engineers
Reduction in Administrative Overhead: Before OpenAsset, RJC Engineers spent a significant amount of time organizing and managing their marketing assets manually. This was a resource-intensive process that required significant human effort. With OpenAsset, these tasks were automated, allowing their employees to focus on more strategic activities.
With OpenAsset’s templates and easy search functionality, RJC Engineers reduced administrative overhead throughout the process of crafting a critical press release. This translated into significant cost savings, including $5.1M in ad revenue by sharing the press release via OpenAsset as opposed to putting it on the wire.
“The OpenAsset ROI is immediately there. OpenAsset allows us to easily share media assets as part of our pitching efforts, helping to streamline the process.”
— Tanya Kennedy Flood, Corporate Marketing and Communications Leader, RJC Engineers
Accelerated Project Delivery: OpenAsset’s streamlined capabilities allowed RJC Engineers to access marketing assets quickly. This improved efficiency, leading to faster marketing project delivery times. Quicker marketing project delivery meant that the firm could take on more RFPs and pursuits, further boosting their ROI.
Enhanced Marketing Efforts: RJC Engineers’ marketing team leveraged OpenAsset to create more compelling and visually appealing marketing materials. This improved their ability to win new business and attract new clients. Their marketing campaigns became more effective, leading to increased revenue.
Efficient Workflow and Time Savings: With OpenAsset, RJC Engineers saved an estimated 10 hours per week searching for digital assets, and 20 hours per week on proposal writing. These time savings allowed employees to focus on higher-value tasks and increased overall productivity.
Better Quality Data and Assets: OpenAsset’s structured approach to data management ensured that the quality of data and assets improved. This not only enhanced decision-making but also added value to their projects.
Continuously Updated and New Features: OpenAsset’s commitment to regular updates and new features ensured that RJC Engineers always had access to the latest technology and tools. This kept their operations competitive and forward-thinking.
Efficiency in Website Management: RJC Engineers saved 1.5 days per month through automated updates to their website. This not only reduced the workload on their marketing teams but also improved their online presence and brand image.
Quick Onboarding for New Offices: RJC Engineers’ expansion was made smoother by OpenAsset, enabling newly acquired offices to onboard more quickly and seamlessly. This accelerated growth and expansion efforts.
Effortless External Asset Sharing: RJC Engineers was able to quickly share assets externally, including through the development of professional press kits. This enhanced their image and reputation in the industry.

Key Takeaways

Implementing OpenAsset brought significant transformation to RJC Engineers’ operations and ROI. By addressing their challenges related to data management, manual processes, limited visibility, and showcasing past work, RJC Engineers achieved remarkable improvements in their ROI. OpenAsset not only improved the efficiency and effectiveness of its operations but also directly contributed to its ability to attract new business and expand its client base. The company’s proposal creation quality and timeline increased dramatically, making investing in OpenAsset a strategic AEC marketing advantage.
RJC Engineers’ success story underscores the importance of adopting modern digital asset management technology to perform in the dynamic engineering landscape. By embracing technology and leveraging platforms like OpenAsset, companies like RJC Engineers can accelerate their ROI and maintain a competitive edge in their respective industries.
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Janelle Poisel, Director of Content, OpenAsset
With over 10 years of content management experience, Janelle Poisel has a proven track record of crafting compelling narratives and delivering content that resonates with B2B audiences. She is dedicated to helping teams learn how to meet their audience with the right content, at the right place, and at the right time as they navigate their unique customer journeys. In her role as Director of Content, Janelle oversees a talented team of content creators and strategists, working collaboratively to ensure that OpenAsset’s content remains fresh, relevant, and impactful for the A/E/C audience.
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