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The Pinnacle Experience 2023
Always Inquiring
Group: AI – Authentic Intention
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Presentation Title
Always Inquiring
Group Name
AI – Authentic Intention
List of Group Members
Shawn Zbasnik, Marketing Specialist, Cleveland Construction, Inc. Krista Henery, Marketing and Communications Manager, Hensel Phelps Tracey Poler, Director of Marketing, PRIME AE Group, Inc. Amanda Peters, Marketing Communications Manager, Hensel Phelps Lauren Tew, Director of Marketing, Guido Construction Company Inc. Kathryn Ness, Partner, GO Strategies
The AI group used artificial intelligence and their fellow Pinnacle attendees to develop the strategy for their new nonprofit that aims to develop new talent across the country.
Challenge Statement
Shift the mindset around careers in the A/E/C industries to pull more smart and talented humans into careers to ensure we can recruit and retain our workforce.
Develop a nonprofit to spread the word about the A/E/C industries and the many career paths available to all students. This nonprofit will help address the talent shortage.
12 Strategies for Success
  1. PR campaigns: Develop storytelling around the exciting A/E/C careers.
  2. Lucrative pay: Share salary information to show growth and higher pay compared to other careers
  3. Mid-level employee mentorship: Encourage mid-level mentorship to have people connect with new people to the industry.
  4. School board curriculum: Work with the school districts to get programs to educate students at a young age about the A/E/C industries.
  5. Advertising: Get information out on all platforms to show the facets of this career path.
  6. Meet students where they are: Gamify and improve access to career information.
  7. Everyone is welcome: There is a place for everyone in A/E/C. Aligning personality types with the different roles in a firm letting students as “where can I fit in?”
  8. Experiential opportunities: Better job shadowing programs.
  9. Start younger: College is too late to begin meeting students. This organization needs to get into schools at the junior high level.
  10. Get parents on board: A/E/C is prestigious! Educate parents to nudge kids into these careers.
  11. Local chapters: Make sure we aren't forgetting people in other places by having local representation to carry out campaigns and outreach.
  12. Media shift: Where is the cool content about A/E/C? We want a sitcom!