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SMPS Headquarters
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Suite 302 Alexandria, VA 22314-1936
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Letter from Interim CEO & PUBLISHER

The Power of Leading with Excellence

About the Interim CEO & PUblisher
Marci D. Thompson, DES
Marci D. Thompson, DES is the Interim Chief Executive Officer/ CSO and Publisher of the Marketer.
Alongside our HQ team, she champions the interests of A/E/C growth professionals, which include marketers, firm leaders, and business developers. Marci provides strategic guidance and leadership for best-in-class member experiences and programming.
Reflecting on my career, I am profoundly moved by the transformative power of excellence. Leadership transcends titles; it is an incredible responsibility and an opportunity to guide, inspire, and foster meaningful change. Embracing leadership through excellence is the cornerstone of both personal and organizational success.
The Essence of Leadership
True leadership goes beyond mere titles and positions. It is the powerful ability to influence, uplift, and elevate those around us. At its core, leading is an act of service—dedicated to empowering teams, fostering collaboration, and working towards a shared vision. To truly harness this gift, we must create an environment where excellence is the norm. This means fostering a culture that values continuous improvement, champions development, and celebrates the unique strengths of each team member. For instance, at SMPS, we host staff retreats throughout the year to learn together, hear from one another in ways that built trust and strengthen our collaborative power. One of the most fulfilling aspects of leadership is witnessing the growth and development of our teams. Observing individuals achieve their personal and career milestones, and seeing their contributions enhance our organization’s success, is a testament to the power of excellence-driven leadership. For example, seeing a team member successfully manage a challenging project from start to finish underscores the importance of nurturing talent and fostering an environment of continuous learning.
Understanding Excellence Excellence is the driving force behind effective leadership. It is the relentless pursuit of quality, the continuous enhancement of skills, and an unwavering dedication to superior outcomes. Excellence is not a static goal but a dynamic journey—one that involves constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible and often challenging the status quo. In our industry, excellence is reflected in the quality of our projects, the strength of our client relationships, and the reputation we build. It means setting high standards and consistently striving to exceed them. Excellence also requires resilience and adaptability. In a world that is ever-changing, the ability to adapt and innovate is essential. Leaders who prioritize excellence view change as an opportunity for growth and improvement. This mindset is crucial for navigating the complexities of our industry and maintaining a competitive edge. Leading with Purpose At the heart of leading through excellence is a clear and compelling purpose. Understanding the "why" behind our actions fuels our passion and aligns our efforts. Purpose infuses our work with meaning and direction, guiding us and our teams to transform business through marketing leadership.
For us at SMPS, our purpose is clear: to engage, inspire and empower A/E/C professionals for leadership and lifelong learning. This purpose shapes our initiatives, informs our strategies, and drives our interactions. It serves as a constant reminder of the impact we aim to achieve and the legacy we wish to leave. As we continue our momentum as an organization, I invite you to join us in Salt Lake City, UT this summer. Together, let's harness the combined power of learning, connection, growth, and recognition to elevate not only ourselves but also the entire AEC industry. Let's pave the way toward a future where excellence is the standard, innovation is perpetual, and success is shared by all.
As we move forward, leading from every seat, let us maintain our commitment to excellence in all our endeavors. By doing so, we elevate not only our own performance but also the capabilities of those around us. Leadership is a journey—a remarkable adventure marked by the quest for excellence and driven by a clear purpose. We are not leaders because our title says so; we are leaders because someone is willing to follow our guidance.
I am grateful for the privilege to steer this dynamic organization alongside so many talented individuals. Get to know our team at SMPS HQ Team- .
Tomorrow will always be our future. Today is when we will create it. Let all that we do, be done in excellence.