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The Pinnacle Experience 2023
Welcome to the Office
Group: The Table Formerly Known as the White Table
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Presentation Title
Welcome to the Office
Group Name
The Table Formerly Known as the White Table
List of Group Members
Jennifer Van Vleet, CPSM, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Global, Stantec Alec Gleason Director of Business Development TOKY Lisa Fingar, CPSM Business Development Director, Senior Associate, SWBR Krystle English, CPSM, Marketing Director, KPFF Consulting Engineers Jennifer Andrews, CPSM, Vice President of Marketing Woodard & Curran Tim Seufert, Managing Director/CMO, NBS
Cue the theme music we all know and love. Two scenarios of a new Harvard graduate interviewing at two very different firms.
Challenge Statement
How to attract and retain employees
Alec visits office number one and is warmly welcomed by several employees and is told about the very generous benefits like a 32-hour work week, childcare support, and opportunities for community service during work hours. But, when Alec meets a future co-worker, she explains that not everything is at it seems. She complains of being over worked, having too many proposals at once and while the benefits may exist, she never has enough time to take advantage of them. At firm number two, Alec has a more thoughtful introduction to the firm. He’s handed an iPad that has an agenda of his first day, and when he asks why an employee has stayed at the firm so long, she replies that she has been there for 20 years because it is a caring, supportive, and flexible environment.
The importance of firms practicing what they promise to new hires is a key factor in retaining talent. These two firms represent common stereotypes of the overworked, burned out marketing team that is not supported by their firm and another environment where employees are valued and taken care of. At the end of the skit, the famous quote “culture eats strategy for breakfast and lunch” from Peter Drucker sums up the importance of taking care of your people so top talent finds a more than just a job when they begin their careers.